DPMA Not Communicating (New Install)

Hello all, I’m a noob here so I’m grateful for this community.

I have a new install of AsteriskNOW and all of the extensions are working normally. The issue I’m having is with the DPMA.

I went to Admin, Digium Addon’s and installed the DPMA from Digium to connect my Digium phones and I registered the license as directed. The GUI in the Admin Control shows it is working normally and when I boot up my Digium Phones they see the server name. When they try to obtain a configuration however they are giving an error message that says timed out. They try to connect to the [email protected][My Internal IP Address]:5060 but they are not able to.

I spoke with Digium and they advised it was a firewall issue, but I turned off the firewall completely and nothing changes. What am I missing, has anyone else had this issue.

I’m using the most current AsteriskNOW Distribution with Asterisk 11 and FreePBX 6

Thank you in advance for your help

There are two components to DPMA – the FreePBX module, and the one that goes into Asterisk. If you go to general settings, what is shown for the DPMA version (the one in Asterisk)? If that’s not at least 2.3, I would recommend upgrading the Asterisk DPMA module (known as res_digium_phone). This will add a debug log that can help identify what is going wrong.

Also: are you able to get the list of users after selecting the server? And are you using a pin code that you have to enter on the phone to protect the configuration?