DPMA module not working

I have PBX-In-A-Flash with FreePBX and the DPMA module. Initially a 2.10. version of the DPMA module was installed but within a few minutes it upgraded to a version. I can not save anything having to do with the phones in that module. I can change things in the General or Network menus, but the phones are a no go. When trying to add a phone, I fill in all the fields and click submit/save. The screen refreshes and goes right back to where it was. The only way I found to add phones is to put the module in “Easy” mode, go the the FreePBX extensions menu, select an extension and click Save on it. Going back to the DPMA module now has all of the phones Digium or not, in the list. I can delete out the non-Digium phones, but when I select the D70 and make changes and click submit, again, the screen refreshes and all of the original values are still there. No changes where saved.

When I take the DPMA module out of “Easy” mode. I see a ton of additional settings but can not save any changes, add phones or anything.

It’s being worked on… see this thread http://www.freepbx.org/forum/digium/digium-phones-edit-page-doesnt-save-changes