Downtime alert

We monitor most of our client’s infrastructures with Uptime Robot. it’s a simple website that allows us to be alerted when downtime happens. however, we can’t seem to find a good solution for monitoring Asterisk. since all the asterisk server are hidden behind firewalls, simple Ping doesn’t work. we have tried using port checking but 5060 doesn’t respond. We have been successful with monitoring the web server through port forwarding(we add a random port like 999 and forward it to 443). while that does work it leaves the web interface available to anyone who stumbles upon it and that causes more trouble than just not knowing if it were down.

any suggestions? I would like to stay with Uptime robot if possible as it builds nifty uptime websites for all our clients.

Nagios has Asterisk monitoring modules that work reasonably well. Have you tried that?

HAAST has always looked great from afar. They have a free edition.

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