Downloading or upgrading modules in freepbx 2.5.1

When I try to download or upgrade any module in Module Admin, I get an error “Downloading core Error(s) downloading core:
Error opening /var/www/pbx/admin/modules/_cache/core- for writing”. My /_cache directory is 775. there are no files in the directory. Before I do this I press the button “Check for updates online”/

Please advice.

try running “amportal chown” so that it set’s the proper owner and group permissions on all the required directories first.

I tried “amportal chown” in our /freepbx, /admin, /admin/modules and /admin/modules/_cache directorys in ssh. It said “SETTING FILE PERMISSIONS Permissions OK”. Still getting the same error.

amportal chown

It does not make a difference where you run the command it is a smart command and set’s the permissions for all files and folders it needs when the command is run.

But it might not work in your case as /var/www/pbx/admin/modules is not the standard path. That should be /var/www/html/admin/modules .

Please provide setup details. Who’s distro or was it hand built, if so all the details please, OS, directions used, what you did different then the directions you attempted to follow, etc…