Downgrade to sort out digium phones problems?

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Still having various DPMA problems and kpstech kindly suggested downgrading then upgrading to resolve.

I tried
yum downgrade asterisk16-res_digium_phone
but that results in
No Match for available package: asterisk16-res_digium_phone-3.4.10-1.sng7.x86_64
anyone know what I should be typing?!



Hi @dan_ce, I’m not sure if downgrading your dpma version will be helpful, especially if you’re planning to upgrade it after. It sounds like the discussion in the linked post was talking about downgrading the firmware on the phones, as oposed to DPMA. What version are you currently running? You can find out with this command: yum info asterisk16-res_digium_phone

Are you sure you’re running the latest? In other words, does ‘yum update asterisk16-res_digium_phone’ show anything available? If you’re using the digium_phones module(not Endpoint Manager), I believe there were some visual voicemail related fixes in the latest 3.6.3 version of dpma that were introduced in a prior version.

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Do not downgrade DPMA!!! It contains an expired SSL certificate and your phones will not connect at all.
You should upgrade your Digium phone firmware first. The current version is 2.9.14!

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Sorry I’ve caused a lot of confusion by using the wrong name. I didn’t mean DPMA I mean the digium phones themselves

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hmmm, so I upgraded one phone as a trial to 2.9.14 and it lost its line registration settings (host, port, caller ID, extension etc) but retained all other settings.
The only other oddity is it doesn’t seem to be receiving availability status anymore - every local extension is a question mark man.

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how can it lose registration settings? Dont you use the Digium phone config module or the EPM? The settings are stored there.

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When you go to Digium-phone-config (general tab), what does it say about the version of DPMA? Is it 3.6.3 or > ?

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One thing is ever since I changed the ports around for SIP/PJSIP (necessary to get DPMA working with as few niggles as poss), the phone info and presence cells stopped populating on the phones tab

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I did not change any ports and still use SIP-extensions. Everything works as intended…

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Interesting to hear you have exactly the same usage of the module as us and that you’ve tested everything and found it working.
In July 2019 I was having a right palarva trying to get something working
Bug report here another here and another forum post here

It’s true I’ve learned a lot since July 2019 about how FreePBX and Asterisk work, but I certainly had a lot of bovva! :slight_smile:

It’s mostly working now, just a few niggles around visual voicemail and the Digium Phones, but as I said, presence and phone info in the Digium Phones tab don’t populate

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Yes…I use the Digium phone config module and the advanced DPMA configuration with xml-config files. Currently I have at 3 locations (2xfreePBX-14_Asterisk-13, 1xfreePBX-15_Asterisk-16) about 25 D65s and 1 D80 in use.
…and except for a few feature requests, I submitted to Sangoma, I am very happy so far :slight_smile:

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Hi Charles
Sounds like we’re using quite different implementations of DPMA - I’ve not touched any XML :slight_smile:
But yes, after much wrangling, am now also (mostly) happy bunny. I mean, especially for free software who could complain. It’s fantaaaastic.

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