Downgrade PhoneApps-Mandatory red MWI light not needed on voicemail app

What is the version of Restful Phone Apps that introduced the red MWI on the voicemail app key?
Unfortunately I can’t turn this feature off. My users listen to voice mails via UCP or voice mail to email, but prefer not to have to go back to old messages just to clear the MWI light.

So I would like to downgrade to a previous version.
Using Yealink T23G phones.

Downgrading will break restapps. As in blfs will not work correctly.

Then I suggest you add a feature to turn MWI light off on voicemail app.

There is an Advanced Setting to disable voicemail hints, does it work for the phone app too?

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I have voice mail hints turned off, but still getting the MWI on voicemail app.

Please open a feature request to add a option to not turn on the light. This has always been the case but a bug in hints was making it so hints were not working correctly so you would not always see the light. That bug was fixed for all BLFs


I have moved my voicemail app button to one of the horizontal soft keys, so now I am no longer getting the MWI (except for the somewhat confusing temporary “Voice Mail enabled” message when a voice mail comes in).