Downgrade FreePBX-64bit- To FreePBX-64bit-

we have sangoma GSM and working latest virsion Asterisk 11.18.0

and installed latest virsion from distro + Asterisk 11.19.0 but not compiable with sangoma card

plz I need release Asterisk 11.18.0 ??


Can you describe why you feel you need to downgrade or the issue you are having, as all of our releases should work with our GSM card.

We have 3 card sangoma and format older system because upgrade server and when install freepbx + asterisk 11.19.0 driver card not working and when install libwat 2.0.X only supported freepbx + asterisk 11.18.0 and i need release + asterisk 11.18.0 to compatable with card and searching freepbx but not founded to now>

@fleex1, Libwat 2.0.x isn’t the latest release of libwat. As a result, can you please try updating to libwat-2.1.0. If you are still having issues, please take a look at the debugging and troubleshooting sections at Providing the outputting from the troubleshooting can help us help you track down the issue you are having.

can you do a yum update libwat. You should now see a libwat 2.1.0 for 6.12.65 releases

i did it this but latest version libwat supported until asterisk 11.18.0
and we have version 11.19.0???

@fleex1, I’m not quite sure I’m following still. You continue to think that libwat is only supported in the specific Asterisk version of 11.18.0 but I’m not sure why. Asterisk 11.19.0 has been patched for libwat and we’ve also released a new version of libwat (2.1.0). If you are dead set on downgrading Asterisk, you can always do yum downgrade asterisk11.