Downgrade Dahdi 2.6.0 to 2.5.0

Hi all,

I am trying to setup from AsteriskNow 1.7 a FreePBX install with Asterisk 1.4. I am using Rhino voice cards.

What I usually do after the install is complete is do a yum update then reboot. Then I run my little set of instructions I got from Rhino to install the drivers because I am not a Linux person so my skill level is beginner.

The problem now is yum update is updating Dahdi to 2.6.0 and Rhino does not support at this time 2.6.0 and they recommend to downgrade to 2.5.0.

Well I do not know how to do this!!! Does anyone have a procedure on this? I am striking out with Google searches!


Install and compile Dahdi [DAHDI Version: Echo Canceller: HWEC]

cd /usr/src/
tar zxfv dahdi-linux-
cd dahdi-linux-
make install

cd …

tar zxfv dahdi-tools-
cd dahdi-tools-
make install
make config
dahdi_genconf modules