Downgrade a module?

I’ve messed something up on a FreePBX 2.10 system where the Sysadmin module keeps downloading the 2.11 version. Is there a way to use the command line moduleadmin to force download a specific version?

If you wanted to downgrade a module you can re-upload a tarball of the version you want via module admin. However with that said, you may not have messed anything up. With regards to commercial modules there are cases such as Sysadmin where we publish newer version in an older release tree. In this specific instance, we are publishing Sysadmin (currently) in FreePBX 2.10 for various bug fixes and changes that we’ve made.

Thanks Bryan, maybe that is what’s happening. I figured it must be broken though because when I try to register the deployment nothing happens - the License section goes back to default.

Are you getting a pop-up with an error message by any chance? If not can you verify if a license file exists in /etc/schmooze. The file in this directory should be license-[deployment_name].zl. If you have the file, feel free to PM me the contents of the file so I can take a look.