Doorstation DTMF commands

Hello to all…

I have a Freepbx system in our company and recently we added an IP Doorstation from Grandstream (GDS3710).
I succesfully added the doorstation to FreePBX and it’s working fine.

This doorstation place a call to a group of phones and, who answers the call send DTMF’s tones to unlock our gate (right now it’s configured to unlock with #96*)

But our boss want’s to store, in a database, who send those tones.
The problem is, the database must be filled only when the DTMF command (#96*) is sent by who answered the call.

Anyone has an idea how to do it?


I’m not sure how you would do that, besides turning off the DTMF debug log and having something parse that files at the end of the day or something and pull the data you need.

How did you set up the GDS though? I’ve been looking at getting one of there but I didn’t see template in FreePBX. Just register manually?

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