Doorbox video while ringing

Has anyone figured out a way to see video from a Door Box on a phone while it’s still ringing? I’ve searched and found a lot of confusing and conflicting information but no straight answer.

Video is fine once the phone is answered. I need the preview video to show while the phone is still ringing.

I’ll give all the specs if it’s relevant but first, is this ever possible on any spec with any setting or is it universally not supported?


Asterisk is a back to Back User agent so an answer is needed You probably need a full blown SIP Proxy

It might need some coding: How to get video preview? - #27 by Summer - Asterisk SIP - Asterisk Community.
You can start tests by connecting doorphone directly to the phone, enabling direct ip calls on the phone if needed and searching for “early video” option and/or SIP answer code 183 in phone settings.
Some doorphones can call multiple destinations at once and sometimes PABX is not really needed.

dicko, from what I’ve read, some proprietary devices based on Asterisk did make this work so it must theoretically be possible.

tomeko, I saw that thread but it doesn’t really seem to conclude with anything concrete. I’m not at a level to start messing with the programming myself to try to pull this off. I’m just wondering if anyone else has worked on this since then and has anything more concrete to offer. I would think this is something increasingly relevant as video door boxes become more common.

Start with testing if early video works in peer-to-peer mode. Details depend on your devices, here is example for 2N + Grandstream: 2N® Helios IP intercoms with Grandstream GXV3175v2 - YouTube.

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