Door Intercom?

Hi Forum
Door Intercom ?
I’m using following new equipment

  • FreePBX 2.210
  • Asterisk 1.8
  • Cisco SPA-504G phones
  • Helios 2N sip doorstation (single button without numeric keypad).
    I’m hoping to setup a Paging/Intercom group to include some Cisco phones, so that when the single button is pressed on the doorstation, those phones will go into intercom mode and anyone (or everyone ?) can greet the person who comes to the door. And we have a welcome party !
    I searched but found only scant documentation, so far.
    I’ve created a Paging Goup, and included some Cisco extensions in the Device/s List
    Also added an Extension for the doorstation.
    How do I make the single button always call the Paging Extension/Group ? (Maybe a special dialplan ?)
    TIA’s for any tips or clues, or pointers to existing documentation.
    Or better way/s to achieve suitable working outcome? TIMTOWDI

Rather than use Paging/Intercom feature, we’re finding “calls” from the doorstation to a regular Ringroup are working nicely.
Thanks to all peeps who helped.

Not familiar with that door phone, however you should be able to program a dial string in the door phone that calls the paging group.

I usually use a ring group for this application because inevitably you have a client in your business and someone shouts obscenities into the door phone.

Paging Pro would also help because you can do airport style store and page.

Just a wild guess, but I’d expect that button on the door station to activate an auto dial sequence that you would program to dial your page group.

Not being sarcastic or ugly, but have you read the Helios 2N manual? On about page 50 or so of the 115 page manual is the documentation on how to program your single button with a number to be dialed. I was able to find the manual, scan through it, and understand how to program it in about 5 minutes…( damn…I’m beginning to sound like dicko).

In any case, you shouldn’t have any problem programming it. The section you want to look for is Directory Programming. Good luck!


Or had you bought something FreePBX supports in EPM it could of all been setup in FreePBX.



Thanks peeps for the clues.
Yes, I was searching in the wrong place (FreePBX docs), but will now look in the right place (Helios manual).
Somehow I assumed it would be a FreePBX setting, but now understand the sip call specification should be coming from the door device.
A friendly electrician might have it installed tomorrow. :slight_smile:
Hopefully I’ll get it sorted soon after.

Hey Tony
Perhaps Helios 2N equipment could be added to your list of supported devices. :slight_smile: