Dont buy asus zenfone 2 laser if you plan on using bluetooth

I am certainly glad I asked the clerk at the store what the return policy is for asus zenfone 2 laser smart phone.

In 5 days, bought and returned 5.

The bluetooth connection:

When in your car and you want to dial (assuming you;re using SIP via cellular data) you’ll get a popup asking if you want to use your sip (shows your extension number) or cellular. There is a checkbox which says ‘do not ask again’. That is useless because on your next call you’ll get that same popup box asking you how you want the call routed.

When you finally make the call, the caller will hear what has been described to me by callee’s as ‘sound of plugging a guitar into an amplifier’

Here is one for fun.

Enable SRTP and in your car, when wanting to make a call, it won’t work if you enter the number or press on the contact name using the car’s phone system; The call will hangup immediately. You will have to enter the phone number directly in the phone. Great thing to do if police happen to be watching.

All the asus zenfone 3 laser’s purchased did exactly the same thing.

Spare yourself the headaches.