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Make open source great again… I know I know…

One of the great things about open source projects including FreePBX is the communities. Over time unfortunately some members get jaded and rather than removing themselves they take it upon themselves to browbeat the newbs. For whatever reason doing something wrong and not knowing how to explain the issue is grounds for a flogging. I have touched at least 75% of the FreePBX code and wrote a good chunk of the wiki, yet you won’t see me in here gate keeping. We get it you are a 1337 super level 11 full stack something or rather. Being a demigod perhaps you should avoid the forums and let the mortals help the other mortals. Surely your time is better spent elsewhere. Let’s agree forums are a place where people who do dumb stuff show up. Educate and help them. If someone is obstinate and doesn’t want your advice, move on. It is ok to lead a horse to the water. You don’t get to waterboard them if they refuse to drink…

Peace, Love and VoIP


Totally agree!!
It happens, as when it doesn’t understand post question others member it reply clearly understand, and so on when it reply very seldom returned a thanks or problem were solved.
As you mentioned educated and help and as we are a part of a community shouldn’t forget basic principles as courtesy.

Perhaps, but understand newbies don’t understand etiquette for the self evident reason that as yet ‘they are newbies’ . If they get frightened they will likely never get it working, but more so feel unwelcome/denigrated/discounted as idiots,

If one is so identified by your peers as nasty, please take a moment to ‘introspect’ , chances are YOU actually ‘need an attitude adjustment’.

I speak as someone who has probably been ‘banned’ more times than anyone else here in these fora for my opinions over the last n years. Some I still stand by, some I would ‘do over’


Thanks for the reminder James. As someone with a fair bit of experience, I find myself forgetting sometimes that this stuff is not easy.


I read a lot, but dont post post a lot…with that being said. I find Blaze, Dicko, Burgess, & Busch to be the most active/helpful. I have seen a lot of posts where the OP deserved a little heat, and I have seen where they may have caught a little TOO much…its comes with the territory of the “Internet”, life goes on and be thankful you have resources such as this to help everyone!

@dicko for sure you were up there back in the day with tallying up hits with the ban hammer, we migrated to the current forum software away from drupal because of the sheer number of hours that myself, @tm1000, and even @SkykingOH (who may have gotten hit with the hammer a few times himself) spent cleaning up the place. From not only the not so nice but a pretty substantial amount of completely unrelated spam. It is nice to have some community-level moderation with the flagged post, system but for sure, as I’ve said many times, people come to opensource for their own reasons, business, personal, hobby… and with some projects like FreePBX the learning curve is a bit steep, so having a little patience for people that are not as far down the path as you personally may be, is always helpful in a forum setting. Sometimes just not saying anything is the way to go as well.

For me, fortunately , the mantle has been passed, I am quite comfortable with the current mantle :wink:

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