Don't answer DID incoming route until call is picked up

I’m having a problem where FreePBX is indicating to the caller that the call has been “Answered” when in reality the extension is still “Ringing”.

I have a DID incoming route that has it’s destination set to the Operator User which is associated with a Cisco phone Device. Everything basically works ok. BUT…

I have:

  1. Outside call to ATT Uverse phone which has Locate Me turned on.

  2. ATT “Locate me” calls my cell phone (and also rings the main ATT phone that was called).

  3. Both ATT and cell ring for about 10 rings before ATT autoforwards to Voicemail (it beats the cell phone forward to voicemail per my desire)

  4. When I add the FreePBX DID number to the ATT “Locate me”, the ATT main number and cell only ring 3 times (this is the problem - it stops ringing too soon).

  5. The FreePBX continues to ring for 30 seconds until it goes to an IVR (per my desire).

So it seems that the FreePBX DID is telling ATT that it has “Answered” the call, even though the internal extension is still “Ringing”. I don’t want that. I want FreePBX to only tell ATT that FreePBX “HAS THE CALL” after someone picks up the Extension or it goes to some IVR message or whatever. It just shouldn’t “Answer” the call until someone or something like VoiceMail or IVR starts “talking”.

Any advice?