Dongles and prefixes

Hi All,
I need some help as i am new to this system.
I have USB dongles around 30,I am sending from my server several prefixes exactly to each port"dongle" like this 001,002,003 ,… etc. ,so that the call goes to specific dongle
so i don’t know how can i do this! , should i add each dongle as a trunk ? or should i add them as Extensions ?
How can i make routes for that system based on prefixes per dongle !
Thanks in Advance

I can’t say I am familiar with this kind of setup. Are the USB dongles providing networking to other servers?

What do these dongles actually do?

The short answer is “yes, you are going to need to set up each dongle as a trunk, especially if you want to route calls through it.”

We’re also going need more version information and what hardware you are using. At this point, we’re not even clear what system you are using…

They are going to work as GSM Gateways
Sending calls from my softswitch to local mobile network

They are going to work as GSM Gateways , calls will come from my softswitch but i need to send calls directly to each dongle.
I am using Asterisk and freepbx on rasperi pi 4
Asterisk 16.9.0
Raspbarian Version :
PRETTY_NAME=“Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)”
NAME=“Raspbian GNU/Linux”
VERSION=“10 (buster)”

You will probably more comfortable in the Raspbian fora,The FreePBX distro doesn’t provide chan_dongle ( a third party thingy) thus the support will be limited here.

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