Does using freepbx on a vm locally limits its functionality in any way? Can we upload iso to a hosting?

Someone told me that using freepbx distro locally on a vm is not recommended. It is ok if you are using up to 10 phones, but above that it is not good. Is it true? Obviously, it is not easy to manage everything on-premise. Now My question is:

Can I upload the freepbx distro ISO image to a hosting like azure, aws etc etc? Which ones and how to upload?

Absolutely not true!

Again, not true.

It all boils down to the resources the machine has, it makes no difference if it’s a virtual or a physical machine.

I’m not sure which one is the “best” but I believe it has been discussed here, a simple search should give you the right information.
But if your only reason to go cloud is because what that person told you and you anyway have resources for a local VM then stay local…

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