Does the zulu client work with non internet facing PBXs


We dont face any of our PBXs on the internet. We have a private network setup with our ISP so all internal.

We are looking into Zulu… does this work when you dont internet face your PBX? Outbound is fine so wondering if it worked on PnP ports or something like that?

The Wiki should have all the instructions for routing your Zulu server ports to the server.

Hello @a0429

If I understood correctly your question (and your set-up)

You might be able to have Zulu working, but there are two things you will require:

a) A valid ssl certificate for the server (specially if you need to use mobile) and for that you might need to make your pbx to face internet (if you will use letsencrypt) own certificates won’t work.

b) Your devices will need to be connected to your private network (I guess is a vpn) Zulu does not include a VPN client, but if your device (mobile or pc) can reach that private network, it should work.

I have a set-up like that with letsencrypt for a and openvpn for b, feel free to contact Sangoma support if you need assistance on this.

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