Does the q-xact report require CEL to be running?

I purchased the 25 year license yesterday and the queues don’t show up in the reports. CEL is turned off at the moment because I cant get their virtual machine to properly mount an extra partition to make space for the massive CEL table.

Is there anything else that needs to be done to get this module going?

Its an older version of FreePBX (10.13.66-20 )

@bksales I believe you have to enable each queue you want to report on to log events, so go in and click yes on Event When Called and Member Status Events, and the system should start logging that data for your queues.

Thanks. Guess I need to reboot the PBX. Its pretty high usage, so I’ll schedule a time to do some updates and reboot then.

I take that back. I looked at another PBX that has this module running and it also does not have those fields, but the Q-Xact module does work on that one.


Maybe just rebooting or fwconsole restart will be enough.

I still cant get this to work. Updated modules and the pbx firmware level and then restarted. It just wont show me any of the queues. Any suggestions?

Did you try enabling CEL, let it build up some data to see if it starts working?

Basic Qxact requirements are that Asterisk be configured to log queue events to the the file /var/log/asterisk/queue_log, and there must be a cron task that runs every 5 min to import queue events into the QXact MySQL tables. Unless you have Queue Wallboard installed, in which case Asterisk will write queue events directly to MySQL and not use the text log. In both cases, the cron task must be present.

Don’t struggle, if it’s not working open a support ticket so we can figure out whats going on.

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