Does the Distro include a SysLog Server?

Does the Distro include a SysLog Server?

If so, can anyone give me basic instructions on how to configure it to accept logging from an external device that will log to a “Syslog” server?

Syslog is a basic Linux function, you can configure syslog service on the distro without effecting the phone service.

Thanks SkyKing! Can you point me to any resources on how to configure Syslog to accept logging from another device on a network?

Pretty simple, just open port udp 514, and edit

. /var/log/remote.log

flavor to suit.

Funny I don’t even look at who posts the messages.

I would like to use this opportunity to show how to solve issues like this.

FreePBX is based on CentOS. CentOS has an online searchable manual.

Okay, so let’s say that I have a device on my LAN whose ip address is

Would I make this entry?
. /var/log/remotedevice.log

or this one?

. /var/log/remotedevice.log


I did read the CentOS manual, but it made no mention of CentOS’s ability to accept logs from external network devices. That’s probably just something that everybody knows…

Here’s the latest CentOS manual. Unfortunately, it relies entirely upon having the CentOS GUI as well…

Thanks to everyone who responded. I’ve found enough to create these instructions. They work with Centos 5.x, but there may be additional work to do on Centos 6.x…

Setting up Syslog. These instructions assume that your local network is in the 192.168.1.x range:

  1. Open up Port 514 in Iptables:

add before CONFIRM:

Save and Exit.

restart iptables:

  1. Configure Syslog to monitor Port 514:

modify the line that reads:

by adding -r inside the quotes, i.e.

Then restart syslog:

  1. Verify that syslog is monitoring port 514:

If you get no result, then something’s wrong. If you get a result, then syslog is working and monitoring port 514.

  1. Configure syslog to create a logfile for your device:

Add these lines:

[code]# Put a description of what you’re logging here - this is for your benefit and

you can put anything you want

. /etc/log/logfilename.log[/code]

Note: the spaces between . and /etc/log/… must be inserted using the TAB key! logfilename.log can be whatever name you want for your logfile.

  1. Set-up whatever device allows for syslog and give it the IP address of your PBX system. If you want another Centos Machine to send logs to yours, then

Add a line like this:

Note: the spaces between . and @IPADDRESS must be inserted using the TAB key!

  1. To view the logfile:

cd /etc nano logfilename.log

Great job, as they say, teach a man to fish and he never goes hungry.

Skyking: I would have written this article even if you had given me step by step instructions!

I’m still working on it though: Can anyone tell me how to configure syslog.conf to create a separate file just for logs that come in from another i.p. address??

I’ve tried* /var/log/filename.log

But, it doesn’t work.

Tomorrow, I will try:
“”.* /var/log/filename.log

Any other suggestions?