Does Sys Admin Updates also update your Modules?

If I run a complete update all the way to the newest version of FreePBX13, which I believe is -17, will that also update all of my modules to the newest release version? And if I happen to be at 13-1 and update all of my modules to the newest release version is that essentiall putting me at -17? I’m just trying to fully understand the difference between the two. Thanks!

FreePBX modules (and only FreePBX modules) can be updated with Module Admin. Distro updates are done with the Distro update scripts, which include OS updates, Asterisk updates, etc. When you run a Distro update script, it will also upgrade all FreePBX modules to current in addition to upgrading OS rpms.

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Admin > System Admin > Updates
will update your operating system and freepbx modules.

Admin > Module Admin
Will update freepbx modules only

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Makes complete sense now. Thank you both for the help

Glad to assist