Does sangoma connect desktop app use 98extensionnumber?s

Does sangoma connect desktop app use 98extensionnumber? I see registrations from the desktop app for 98extension number. However, I see Sangoma connect mobile app and deskphones using just extension number.

Flash operator panel breaks if registrations happen for 98extension number when using Sangoma connect desktop app.

Can anybody shed light on this?


The desktop app does use 98XXX extension range. The mobile app connect on a different contact of the same Pjsip extension.

Top right corner of fop2 admin, click toggle advanced fields.

You need the “Extra Channel” populated like this for the non 98 extension.
Additionally, if you use FOP2 for dialing or listening in, and have more than one PJSIP contact, you need to populate the Originate Channel field.

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While the desktop app uses webrtc, thus the 98 prefix.

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