Does latest freepbx uses QoS?

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Just installed freepbx and upgraded to latest version available

Is QoS used natively ?
Is it enabled by default ?

Should I use any monitoring (i.e. tcpdump on port 5060) to learn if QoS is running ??

Thank you very much for any answer

Asterisk set QOS internally but because it doesn’t not run as the root user these settings are not applied to outbound packets. You would need to create rules in iptables to specifically tag the SIP/RTP packets. There are many examples you can Google.

What kind of QoS? QoS is broad term.

You have to decide queuing strategy and on what interfaces it will run.

The only thing you can do within your Asterisk FreePBX box is set a QoS bit (tagging) for downstream processing.

Also, you usually don’t put a QoS policy on SIP, that’s just signalling. You QoS the media, that uses RTP.

True Scott, although you wouldn’t want SIP packets Queued for 2 or 5 seconds :slight_smile:

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Yes, latency and bandwidth guartantee are important.

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Thanks for reply
As I use an ADSL line , the voice is ok unless I use some P2P connections
Even a very low P2P throughput 2-3 KBps leads to voice deterioration
So I need to do something about voice prioritization…
Two cisco 877 are used to tunneling voice between two asterisk machines…