Does freepbx and asterisk works well on CentOS 5?

I just noticed there is a new release of Centos 5,
currently i am using centos 4.4,

anybody knows whether Centos 4.5 or Centos 5 is officially supported by asterisk?

I don’t know about ‘official’ but I know of people who are running it on CentOS-5. There were some hurdles - I believe zaptel related. Get onto #freepbx IRC and look for ‘errr’ - he is running on CentOS 5 iirc - so he can probably give you some feedback.

I dont think asterisk ‘offically’ supports one distro over any other. The only problem you might run into is compiling the zaptel source. There is a line in it thats hard coded for some other kernel version. You just have to change one thing in one of the c files


  • As part of the “inode diet” the private data member of struct inode
  • has changed in 2.6.19. However, Fedore Core 6 adopted this change
  • a bit earlier (2.6.18). If you use such a kernel, Change the
  • following test from 2,6,19 to 2,6,18.
    #define I_PRIVATE(inode) ((inode)->u.generic_ip)
    #define I_PRIVATE(inode) ((inode)->i_private)
    This is from the xpp/xbus-core.c file. Thats all I had to change to get it built on CentOS 5

Oh another thing you might find annoying is the lack of PEAR extensions in yum on CentOS 5. I just went and got the src.rpms of all the ones I needed from Fedora Core 6 and rebuilt them on CentOS. If you have any other questions or needs some help feel free to let me know.

if anyone is interested in installing Asterisk + FreePBX on a Centos5 please let me know your “price tag”; payment only after success!
But please note that this is a XEN environment and Centos5 as well.
It’s a small private/SOHO installation which I host at a good priced XEN-provider.
I tried but failed; see here:

Maybe you are a Linux crack this would be useful for some other things as well. Thanks in advance.

You can send me a message at jochenthomas at yahoo dot com

We are currently working with a Trixbox installation,
and well, we have been reading the FreePBX frontpage and
would like to change from trixbox to just asterisk + FreePBX.

Is there someone who can install this combination on a clean centos VPS (xen).

Please send me a message at dennis at terlouw dot nl

pretty sure that pbx in a flash is running on centos 5.1 so I would imagine that it will install just fine.

I’m running CentOS 5 right now and have been for some time with no issues at all. PBXiaF is already available for 5.1. AND updates actually work, although an update of the OS is probably still best left to a fresh install and restore from backup. Too many little things to getcha in the mix otherwise, and it’s a fairly painless process that way.

I’m running PBX in a Flash and FreePBX on Centos 5.2, although it was by accident.

PBX in a Flash is released on Centos 5.1 but I did a Yum update yesterday and it took me to Centos 5.2. I initially had a problem with the CDR reports after that yum upgrade but I have posted a link I found that enabled me to quickly fix the problem.

The guys a PIAF are also working to release version 1.3 of their Asterisk/FreePBX ISO and it will run on Centos 5.2.

So, yes…if anything at all, you are better off and more stable on Centos 5.x

Do yourself a favor and don’t reinvent the wheel trying to figure out which RPM’s you need. PBX in a Flash has done the hard part for you and they don’t have any invasive crap built in like Trixbox.