Does Extension Routing work w/4.2.x?


Registered a new server, added the extension routing module, but it doesn’t show up in the trunk or the extension.
Any ideas?



Really need some help with this one.
Installed from FreePBX Distro, added routing module, no luck, it’s not showing up anywhere. Documentation reference only talks about installing on Centos 6.x from scratch. I did confirm all is installed.

Yes it works fine. It’s under “allowed routes” in the extensions page and will only show up if you actually have some outbound routes enabled and setup. Also make sure you actually have the module installed and not pending an update.

Thanks for the response.
I’m familiar with the module, it’s 100% installed, I force installed it as well with no luck.
I understand the module shows up as an option group in the extensions as well as in the route itself but in this case I see nothing in either section.

Any suggestions?
Box is fully updated to the latest available everything.

Did you license it?

I will have to verify. I know I added the deployment, then I put the module in the cart but I may not have purchased it per say.

Thanks for the help!