Does Asterisk have to be updated separately from freePBX?


I know this is going to sound like a dumb question but Asterisk is not updated when FreePBX is updated correct? I am running FreePBX but when I enter the CLI prompt from a shell it says… What the easiest steps to take to get this updated. Oh I should mention its on a Centos 4.8 box.


Updating FreePBX ONLY updates FreePBX. If you want a (pretty much) self-updating system that updates everything for you, about the only distribution I know of that will do that is PBX in a Flash, where you run their upgrade script and it upgrades everything on the system. The downside is that they aren’t always current with the most recent versions (for example, they might be a version behind on FreePBX), and if you make a customization or find and fix a bug on your own, running their script might lose your customization or cause the bug to come back. So, there are tradeoffs.

There is a document on How to upgrade Asterisk on this web site, but be aware that it may be a bit outdated (it was originally written probably around three years ago). The biggest change is that if you have installed your system in the last year or so, it probably uses dadhi instead of zaptel.

It’s always a good idea to do a complete system backup prior to upgrading Asterisk (or Centos) because occasionally things stop working after an upgrade, and if you’re not an expert at troubleshooting it’s often a lot faster to revert to your previous system and hope that a future version of the software fixes whatever bug caused the problem.