Does Asterisk contain extension details in a MySQL DB like the call details?

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one more question, I’m trying to build the buttons that each person uses into the script phase 2, I would like to include the members from each queue in the phones.
for example queue 1111 has 8 members ext 111,112,113 and I want to find those extensions, I found the queues_config table and the queues_details table but neither one contain the members…? all the other info about the queue was in there but not the members? :frowning:

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I’ve never looked, but I’d expect those to be in the AstDB. I’m sure they’re somewhere in the MySQL database, but I wouldn’t have a clue where to even look. Also, I doubt you’d get real-time information from the asterisk database, so you might get the potential list from the DB, but ASTDB is going to tell you what is actually happening.

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yea, but I can’t access the AstDB remotely from my VBS Script… well without endangering my phone system and I definitely don’t want to do that…

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Only defined static members are stored in the queues_details table. If you list dynamic members, they are added to the AstDB. However, you don’t have to define dynamic agents and therefore they would only be members of the queue once they login.

It’s starting to look like you need to get some AMI/ARI going to pull queue details and get members realtime.

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The database, if accessed “read only”, should be safe enough to read from the local machine. You may need some kind of a helper process on the PBX to export your ASTDB data to your VB program.

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I can change them to static agents, that would give me access to the extensions, I just liked them being able to log out when they left for lunch or for the day… I have no idea what AMI/ARI is so yeah, I’m going to need you to work Saturday and Sunday too, #ThatdBeGreat

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Create a script that runs on the free PBX server to pull the data and drop it in to a file that your script can then read


No,it is NOT safe to access it read only. Believe me, I have seen the result and know why (I read c code ) , just don’t do it, wrap anything in asterisk calls.

( 9 times out of 10, no problem, when the race condition is encountered, you are REALLY hosed, the database has an unremovable lock on it)

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I just made them static agents, now I can see them in the queues_details table… #NotMessingWithAstDB:slight_smile:

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