Does anyone mind if I keep looking after Firewall?

As I assume everyone knows, I left Sangoma late last year. I’m still working in the VoIP industry - of course! - and still using FreePBX, and still loving open source.

I’ve discovered a couple of minor glitches in Firewall, and sent in pull requests, but firewall is annoyingly complex, requires a bunch of brain-space to get your head around it, and is kinda a specialist area.

I don’t think it’s fair that I should expect someone at Sangoma who probably hasn’t had that much experience in firewall to spend half a day each time I make a minor change to manually test everything and publish it through the standard Edge/Main channels.

AND SO, if no-one minds, I’m thinking that I need to be a bit more proactive, and start offering pre-alpha releases of Firewall.

My proposal is that I’ll use as the authoritative site, and publish unofficial (but signed) builds there. When we’re happy with the changes, I’ll send a pull request with everything ALREADY tested, that (as long as Sangoma trusts me!) can go straight into Edge, for further PROPER testing, before being released to Main.

There’s nothing TOO major pending a release now - there’s a minor fix to make Firewall work in current LXD containers, and I’ve written a new bit of code that rate limits people accessing the provisioning port(s), because I saw a machine in the wild trying to scan every MAC of a brand of phones on a provisioning server! (The code is here for those who want it, but I haven’t made a pull request for that second bit yet, untill it’s properly tested)

So, what do you guys (and I’m asking Sangoma and the community here!) think?


If I was Sangoma (and clearly I’m not), I’d think that allowing you to help out in this particular area would make good sense. Your work on the Firewall project has been a boon to the community, and bringing that level of professionalism and expertise to bear on this project would seem to be a plus to the project at least until they get someone “inside” to get up to speed.

It’s no different than when you were working with them - you’ll still go through all of the standard CM and QA steps, so I wouldn’t have a problem with you working in the mainstream.

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