Does anyone know how login app sends config on device login

So If you use EPM (great tool) and setup login on the global page, a device plugged intot your network with a DHCP option pointing it to FreePBX willl come up, unregistered, and show the login button.

Pressing the button to the APP will ask for extension and password. Entering that correctly, causes the phone to get a config file and register.

Well how is the phone being told to pull config when it is not yet registered? THis works on Aastra and Yealink phones. I assume on other models.

Some kind of SIP notify sent to the MAC? Magic? I dunno, that’s why i ask.

Obviously, I can packet capture, but I assume this has to be some standard ability that I am simply not aware of as I have not needed to deal with this before.

If oyu read my other thread about EPM not creating config files, you will know that I want to get around a problem with the phone apps login function.

I am using EPM (well will once it makes files) to get the config files created.
Sending a pjsip notify is a simply thing for a registered device, but a non logged in phone is not yet registered.

Nope, there is no way for SIP messages to be sent to a device prior to it registering. The phone initiates the action when the user presses the login button. Successful login causes EPM to generate the phone specific config and the App on the phone causes the re-provision (or reboot).

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Well the majority of the phones here are Aastra. those are easy enough. Mitel’s XML documentation shows the reboot commands.

Hopefully, the Polycom will be as easy then.

I know how that part works. I have a custom button made to show ring groups. Since my thread for that is now closed, here is the screen for that.

Edit: Here’s the code for said button if anyone wants it.

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