Does anyone have an old copy of the Aastra Scripts?

I’m currently working on migrating about 20 systems from the old 32-bit version of FreePBX Distro to the latest SNG7/64-bit.
Most of these still have the Aastra Scripts in production. It looks like aastra-xml-scripts-2.3.1-98fpbx.noarch.rpm has been removed from the yum repos, was curious if anyone had a copy stashed away somewhere. I thought I did but seemingly cannot find it.

I think the right answer is to migrate to the modern PBX Apps, which I’ve been deploying for several years on new customer systems- however I’m concerned with migrating the older existing customer base to them with minimal disruption.

Please and thank you!

They won’t work with newer asterisk and FreePBX and would take lots of modifications as so many things have changed in 6 years omus since Aastra touched those scripts.

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