Does anyone else experience problems with not all types of phones ringing when an extension is rung (e.g. Deskphone doesnt ring but Softphone does)

Our set up uses a deskphone (HTEK UC903) and a softphone (Ringotel).

Both of these systems are working great, when they ring. However sometimes they don’t ring.

Lets say someone rings my extension. I have ringotel on my Android phone, and I also have registered a deskphone to my extension on the FreePBX server.

Most of the time both will ring. However, quite a lot of the time, only one will ring. Its almost half the time it will only ring the softphone or deskphone. It seems to completely vary, e.g. its not just the deskphone won’t ring and the softphone will, sometimes the deskphone rings but the softphone won’t.

When this happens you can ring 10 times in a row and only one of the phones will ring. Making outbound calls on the non-working phone quite often fixes it but that isn’t good enough as we have customers ringing the business and the reception is not able to answer them.

Is this a common problem or is it just my setup? Thank you for any help you can provide.

EDIT: Important to note this is an on-premises server, and also I have set ‘Max contacts’ to 10 in all of the users extensions.

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