Is there any documentation for the various Feature Codes and how to use them? Sure most are pretty self explanatory or easily figured out, but a few are not. For example, the camp-on feature. I see the three * feature codes, but what do I do with them? I dial them and all I get is a beep and a hang up. How do I use them?

I don’t need full color glossy docs, just a sentence or two on each one would be great.

Many of the feature codes are installed by separate modules, so you would usually look for documentation within the associated module for that feature code. (We can probably do better at this, there is a feature code admin section in the wiki, but of course the camp-on section is blank.)

From the module itself: This module implements the Call Completion Supplemental Services (CCSS) often referred to as Call Camping or Camp-On. It allows a caller to request the system call them back when a busy or non-responding extension becomes available. Requires Asterisk 1.8 or higher.

So the way camp-on works is that if you call an internal extension and it’s busy, you can then dial *82 (camp-on request) and you will hear a beep. When the other extension hangs up their call, you should get a ring on your’s, when you pick up, you will be calling the now not busy extension.

We are always looking for community members that know FreePBX to keep documentation up to date, for those interested contact us and we can discuss enabling write access to the wiki.