Do outbound call from inbound call

Hi, i’m new to the forums. Just need a little help with my new Asterisk 11.3.0 / FreePBX setup.

I want to be able to make an outgoing call through my asterisk setup. What i want it to do is:

  • I make a call to an asterisk extension 085451234 from external mobile 0712341234
  • Divert call to trunk so I can make an outgoing call without any feature codes, just call/press number directly.
  • When call is finished just hang up.

This is mostly to show my SIP number outwards when making a call, + it’s a lot cheaper. I have Google’d a lot but i don’t know how this function is named, so I ended up with nothing. I want this to function similarly to a mobile extension. Till now I have forwarded my extension to my phone so incoming calls from the SIP line will end up on my cell. Works great.

Look at DISA it is under the Application menu.

Sorry, but i can’t seem to find DISA? Do I have to install it as a module?

NM! Found it as a module of course. I will have a look at it now and get back to you. Thank you this far.

Okey, so I got it working. I am able to call from my cell to my extension with destination DISA. But from there I am only able to make internal calls. Whenever i try to call externally I get the normal message “The number you have dialed is not in service”. Almost as if it tries to call it internally and not external.

I tailed the log and the number i try to dial out is formatted correctly and should fit in my outbound route going to the trunk. Could it be the context set to “from-internal”? I also tried to set it to “from-trunk” without any luck.

I checked now, and if i use “from-internal” in context I get “All circuits are busy now” not “The number you have dialed is not in service” wich i get if i use “from-trunk”. But i’m still able to call internally in both cases.