Do Not Disturb

We are using Yealink T28’s with a FreePBX.
When a user presses the DND button, the phone enters DND but the recording that is played is the generic system recording and not the users unavailable message. Is there a setting I need to set for DND?

Did you set all of the destinations/optional destinations on the extension in FreePBX?

Hi Comtech, yes I configured the NO Answer, Busy and Not reachable destinations.
Does DND use the busy unavailable message? If so, then I would think the user ha snot recorded his busy message.

DND can be managed from FreePBX or from the phone. Check your logs to see which one your phone is using. If the phone is returning a specific state, the recording for that state should be played. If the phone is sending an :unavailable" SIP code, then you should get the generic unavailable message.

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