Do internal calls between phones in the office use minutes on a trunk?

We decided to switch our voip carrier (from unlimited to metered calls) and I noticed that my outbound routes have something called internal which looks like:

If someone in the office calls another extension in the same office, does it go over the trunk? Does it use minutes on the plan?

I tried researching this but could not find any information on it?


If folks inside are dialing your DID’s then yes, it will tie up 2 trunks.

You need to add loop around targets in your outbound routes for each of your DID’s.

I am not familiar with loop around targets. How do I add loop around targets?


Create a custom trunk and then put “Local/[email protected]” in the dial string.

Now create an outbound route with your DID’s pointed to the trunk you created in the first step.

You can verify it is working by doing a “core show channels” with a call up and see it never leaves the system.

With my current setup without adding the custom trunk, I dialed the extension such as 200 or 202, I did not see it go over the trunks in fop2. Am I missing something because it does not seem to use the trunks unless I dial a 10 digit number.


No I thought you were dialing your DID’s.

Internal calls don’t use trunks.

Skyking OH- There’s an even easier way. Just use the Misc. Applications module and set-up your DIDs as Misc applications that go to the same destination as your inbound route.

And I suggested putting the entire 10 digit number in the Extension Sip Alias field,