Do I really have to make a queue for each extension?

We want callers to be able to be sent to extensions who are currently on the phone or busy at their desks without sending them to voicemail or another destination. I know a solution for this would be to create a queue for every extension, so they could have a line of callers waiting on them. However, you would think an easier solution would be possible.

Anyone have any ideas?

Normally, this would be call waiting.

I disagree, I never use call waiting, I always recommend against it, I hate it, I despise it. Except for all of that, yeah, you can do that. :slight_smile:

If you want to stack people up to reach someone, the tool for that is a queue. There isn’t really anything else that gives you that capability.

I haven’t tried it, but is there a Bulk Handler for queues? If there is, you can create a simple spreadsheet, create all of your queues and associate them with their extensions, and export that to an appropriately crafted CSV file. If there’s no BH for queues, there might be some other “fast” way to do it.

I’m more of the opinion that if you need to stack calls for a single person, you need to revise that person’s workflow or hire them help.

But yes if you want to truly stack calls a queue would be right.

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