Do I need to use a time condition?

Hello friends,

Can you please share with me on how to setup played message based on the business hours schedule?

We need the following:

Business hours 9 AM to 5 PM Mon-Fri

You have reached xyz company. Please choose from the following menu options:

For new project and inquires, press 1

For customer support, press 2.

Etc, etc.

After hours 5 PM 9 AM Mon-Fri

Thanks for calling xyz company. Our offices are currently closed. Our business hours are from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

If you would like to leave a message in our general voice mailbox, press 0. A representative will contact you the following business day.

To reach our company directory, press 2.

Etc, etc.

Weekend Sat-Sun

Pretty much same message as above to be played.

Do I use time condition and time group for this kind of setup? If so, I’m confused about Inbound Route module. If I select it, it will prompt me time group, right? But how does it work, as it only allows to choose 1 time group – say business hours. I guess it will then change automatically after 5 PM?

Create two IVRs.

  1. Open
  2. Closed

Set the appropriate menu and greeting for each IVR.

Create a Time Group.
You need one object only
Time Starting 09 00 ends 17 00
Weekday starting Monday ends Friday

Create a Time Condition
Tie it to the Time Group you created, set Time Matches > Open IVR
Non match > Closed IVR.

Go to your inbound route and point your DID to the time condition.

Apply config.

Thank you PitzKey it worked.

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