Do I need to get a music license for MOH (Music on Hold) that comes with FreePBX?

The PBX comes with 11 built in songs that are the default hold music. These are:

I asked BMI if we would still need license if these songs came fromFreePBX and they said they are not sure. If FreePBX gaves me documentation that they cover the license for these songs then I need to present some documentations to them. It does not clearly say on FreePBX wiki site: that they do cover for the license.

Does anyone have seen any official documentation from FreePBX mentioning that they do cover the Music license at all for the default MOH?

Thanks for your help.

All songs are creative commons or public domain.

There is a lot of music out there that is licensed this way. If you want to play something like Britney Spears or another artist that falls under a music label you would have to go to a license clearinghouse like BMI. One of our users works for a major broadcaster and he said they don’t even stream their radio feeds because of licensing.

Thank you. Can you confirm if the songs I mentioned above are songs that came preloaded with FreePBX?

Yes they are all creative Commons music we include.