Do I need source?

I use FreePBX 13 with less hardware than minimum requirements. I’ve no free HDD, maybe 50-70MBs. It works but I need more HDD until I can migrate that VPS on another, bigger one.

I’m interested, do I need /usr/src/freepbx- content or can I delete it? It’s nearly 250MBs and it will be great to delete if it isn’t important.

I wouldn’t delete anything besides tmp, log, audio & Voicemail-audio files.

The reasons you might need the source directory depend on your involvement in the system.

If you don’t add anything “custom” that requires source, you don’t need source. You can delete the source in that case.

There is a package (asterisk-devel-xx.xx…) that allows you to build modules against the version of Asterisk you are running. Most external channel drivers (my experience is with chan-sccp-b) only requires the devel package. Well written package should only need this level of support. For these systems, you do not need the source, except as added by the "asterisk-devel-* package.

YUM may re-add your source directory. If so, you will need to delete it again later.

I don’t use anything ‘custom’. I thought, maybe it uses /src files for (backup, upgrade, update or reload at all) staff. It seems it isn’t dangerous to delete. thanks.

Deleting /usr/src/freepbx will trick the freepbx rpm to reinstalling itself next time it’s updated. Which is probably not something you want.

If I won’t update the system, will it update automatically?

Is the the ONLY single large file on your PBX that you thinking is removing?
How about log files?..

I’m looking for something to delete :smiley: I’ve backed up log files on the other VPS and most critical log files are on the FreePBX server. Actually .MYD .MYI files are the largest files on the server but I can’t delete or optimize them now.

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