Do anyone work with sipML5?

Hello !

I’m trying to follow this :

but i get " 2:SecurityError: The operation is insecure." when i try to login.



how do i check if my ports are good?

I’m using asterisk 13 and freepbx 13

I wanted to use sipML5 has a webrtc softphone for my other server website.

Using a freepbx 13 and asterisk 13, i don’t get the way to merge those two. Can anyone show me a way to do this??

Thanks by advance for any help

it works with freepbx. but you have to modify something.

I hope so… but there are not many docs about that, did someone already work with sipML5 with freePBX ??

my test with sipml5 works, digium 2K does not work.

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