Dnsmgr issue

Hi all,

I have a rather interesting issue with SIP registrations.

I set up a chan_sip trunk with Localphone.com and provided registration string in the [user]:{pswd]@[provider]/[user] format and there were no issues with registration.

Then I created another chan_sip trunk to Smartvoip.com with the same settings but could not get to register at all. After many attempts I used Wireshark to sniff the line and noted that the resolved address for smartvoip.com was not correct - actually the difference is in the host portion of the address. So, I changed the sip registration string to include the actual IP address of the Smartvoip server and voila, the registration was successful.

So, I thought it might be a dns server error and did a nslookup on the the dns server I was using - no problems there. Then I used the dns on the localhost and again no problems. resolv.conf has no entry other than the localhost entry.

Curious to know where Asterisk got this incorrect dns reply from. Is there any other files where Asterisk could cache dns entries?


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