DNS trying to resolve unknown hosts

I have an IAX2 trunk to voip.ms at server toronto6.voip.ms. At some point it was pointing to toronto8 and earlier, a typo had atoronto8.

I keep seeing these messages:
[2019-03-26 19:03:39] NOTICE[2666]: dnsmgr.c:226 dnsmgr_refresh: dnssrv: host ‘toronto8.voip.ms’ changed from to
[2019-03-26 19:03:40] ERROR[2666]: netsock2.c:305 ast_sockaddr_resolve: getaddrinfo(“atoronto8.voip.ms”, “(null)”, …): Name or service not known
[2019-03-26 19:03:40] WARNING[2666]: acl.c:835 resolve_first: Unable to lookup ‘atoronto8.voip.ms’

Neither toronto8 or atoronto8 are set anywhere I can see.

How to I clear this. It seems to be interfering with the trunk.

I know nothing about IAX2, but do a
grep toronto8 /etc/asterisk/*.conf
and see what shows up.


Have you restarted asterisk since you changed the trunk host?

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I’ve had this happen before due to my own error and saw this same behavior, but never knew what made it finally go away.

Since I reboot monthly, in a maintenance window, that pretty much would be why it goes away.

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