DNS lookup on IP CIDR throwing errors

New install a couple weeks ago on a local VM with no public IP.

I am constantly seeing this in the log.

[2019-02-12 11:34:08] ERROR[2368]: netsock2.c:303 ast_sockaddr_resolve: getaddrinfo("209.191.XXX.XXX/29", "(null)", ...): Name or service not known
[2019-02-12 11:34:08] WARNING[2368]: acl.c:833 resolve_first: Unable to lookup '209.191.XXX.XXX/29'

The only place that the external IP is entered is the SIP settings. And that is without the /29.

The only thing I can assume is that I did enter that IP with the CIDR someplace, but I cannot find where.

grep 209.191 /etc/asterisk/*.conf

Sorry, I did that, my bad for not saying I did. It is strictly showing without the CIDR.

Also, nothing in the network config…

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