DNS host resolution

I just installed FreePBX 2.210 and Asterisk 10 from a FreePBX CDROM.

This box is set up with a static IP on our DMZ, because it will be connected with SIP trunking from the outside. For security reasons, the DNS on our DMZ doesn’t resolve hosts on our LAN. When SIP phones on our LAN register with Asterisk, is the IP stored for later use? Or am I going to have to set up name resolution somehow? Or is putting it on the DMZ going to be trouble.

Any ideas welcome. Thanks.


It is almost always a good thing in Asterisk/FreePBX to use IP addresses when available, that way you generally don’t need Name resolution ever. You just need to make sure your routing is good (including any PNAT).

I am assuming the DMZ is not NAT’d from the inside network, it is just routed. With this scenario, assuming the server has a gateway to the network the phones are on no NAT is required.

The phones register with Asterisk and the IP address is stored. You can this behavior with the ‘sip show peers’ command.

Thanks for the replies.

All our phones use DHCP with static leases, so we can use IPs rather than host names. And traffic is routed (not NATted) between local network and DMZ.

Got it all working now. Thanks again.