DNS Flag Day

Just a quick question. Is anyone having trouble with their FreePBX systems reacting badly with DNS?

Nope. What issues are you having? Are they issues with Asterisk handling DNS or with the actual system handling DNS?

Since the system runs as its own DNS server, there’s a possibility (especially if you aren’t using one of the “standard” DNS servers) that a non-complient DNS could be in the mix. DNS Flag Day was last week, and I just wanted to get out to the world that there might be issues. I’ve been working with Paul Vixie for years (all the way back in the 386BSD days) and he reminded me that the new DNS protocol is now running at most of the major sites.

I don’t think the local server that gets started with FreePBX is non-compliant, but if anyone has any issues, it’s good to know that the 1st of the month was a day after which we can’t go back to the old protocol.

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