DND Status on ACDR

Dear All ,

I am looking for the possibilities of getting information about the DND status of each agents through ACDR. In detail , would like to know how long an Agent put his phone on DND mode. Is their in way to find it ??

Thanks in Advance.

No this is not something that is in the CDRs

I assume you’re using queues, so its better to use agent pauses and disable DND feature both on phone and on asterisk *7x.

Then if you parse the queue_log and calculate how long those pauses were

hi sanjayws ,

The exact situation is agents may put their phones (ipphone , xlite) and telling that they are not receiving any calls.
they are not using feature codes to do this , but using the switch on the xlite and dnd button on cisco phone.

I need to track on this , this is the need. If the agent put on DND by himself without feature code , will it logged in queue_log ??


DND is not logged in any CDR or queue logs as it is all phone side feature. If they use the feature code it also does not log this in queue logs or CDRs/

Your only way to get this stuff for logging and reports is connect to the AMI and than watch events and log the events and write a custom report.


Thanks for the Advice.