DND status button doesn't always work

We have phones external to the network. They are connected via openvpn (epm and yealink). We have a blf button assigned to feature code *76 and their extension so that passing it turns the light red or green depending on their dnd status. However, it randomly doesn’t work, and it happens on random phones. The light will just always stay green no matter what their dnd status.

Is there anything that needs to be done in the firewall since these are external phones to ensure presence always works? I assumed the VPN would prevent things like this from happening vs doing direct sip connections from the phones to freepbx on the public ip.

Is the DND setting working, but the light isn’t, or is the DND not even getting set.

It’s two different problems. The first is a hint subscription problem, the second is a feature code problem.

Also, why a BLF button? Every Yealink model I have worked with has a DND indicator on the screen, and by default, a DND soft key.

Admittedly, I rarely work with the super low end models, but I think even the T19PE2 has it.

Dnd is working 100% of the time. Hitting the button turns it on (or off) with no issue.

It’s only the light that randomly stops changing (will stay green or red no matter what dnd is set to)

We only want DND set on the server and not at the phone level because we have a custom script set up to ignore the DND status under certain circumstances and allow the call to ring on the phone. Setting it at the phone level cannot be overriden by a script.

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There are several things that can effect your subscription to Hints.

First test would be to set a DND using your current method and check the Asterisk Hints report. Make sure the hint is getting set correctly. After that, it’s just a matter of making sure the hints get reported to the phone correctly (SIP DEBUG should work for that). If the hints are getting transmitted correctly, my next guess would be to start looking at router settings to make sure that asynchronous notifications can make it through.

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