Dnd not working properly

Hi everyone,
freepbx v.
asterisk v. 13.38.3

when i set the extension in dnd calling *76 (DND Toggle) asterisk put the extention i dnd mode. the extention result is BUSY:
[email protected] : SIP/212&Custom:DND21 State:Busy Presence:available Watchers 2

If i set the extension in DND calling *78 (DND Activate) the extention not enter in dnd mode on asterisk. it result IDLE:
[email protected] : SIP/212&Custom:DND21 State:Idle Presence:available Watchers 2

this is a problem for me because my cisco phone enters dnd but the attendant console LED remains green.

I don’t now if this is a bug or somthing alse.

No issues here. What version of dnd module? Provide a call trace via pastebin when you dial *78.

I think depend from cisco ip phone spa 502 that it sets himself as not disturb but doesn’t call asterisk. if i call *78 form other phone (gigaset) it’s ok.
Can you help me?

Here the solution: SPA303 and SPA504G DND integration with Asterisk and FreePBX - Cisco Community

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