DND Messages/Status

I’ve used the Xarios PBX for a long while. This PBX had the ability to set up to 20 custom ‘DND’ messages from the phone, and have those statuses displayed on the phone.

Is this possible with FreePBX? It is a critical part of our operations to be able to see our agent’s DND statuses.

I don’t think there’s anything that extensive “out of the box”. Of course, having said that, there are probably a few ways you could do it using custom dial plans.

What did you have in mind for the “setting” interface, and what did you have in mind for the “display” interface?

The interface to the existing FreePBX is through the extentions_additional.conf file.You can add whatever functionality you want through by adding a couple of new contexts: [app-dnd-on-custom] and [app-dnd-off-custom] in extensions_custom.conf. From there, you can add all sort of possibilities, including custom database information.

Of course, the “displaying” of that information is the next challenge, but I’m not familiar with your current operations to be able to offer any sort of ideas for that.

What brand and model phones are you using?

Tony, we are currently looking at Yealink for our phones, but we haven’t made a firm commitment on it.

We are currently still exploring and investigating our phone system options. I do not know enough about PBX systems and unfortunately, our CTO is leaning towards CudaTel (heard nothing but terrible things). CudaTel does not have the ability to do what I need for it to do for our sales process. So I’ve been forced to look elsewhere and formulate a gameplan for a system that will conform to our sales process and allow me to build external applications to monitor/manager our sales floor.

I’m leaning towards getting a consultant involved in this decision making process who can discuss with us our specific needs, and what can/cannot be done with FreePBX, and who we can use to facilitate getting our system up and running.