DND is not authorized in the API module

Back beating my head against this today.

I have created a user in User Management and that user shows up at the correct extension in Extensions.

I selected “All” in the User Management Modules section and clicked Submit. I notice that the red Apply button doesn’t appear when I do this, and that when I reload the user there is no indication what module(s) I’ve selected for them.

The phone, meanwhile, which I press the DND button, says “DND is not authorized in the API module for extension 221”.

I’ve tried multiple times selecting “All” and even just “Do-Not-Disturb”. All with the same result…

And Extensions 221 is set as the default extension for this user in user management?

Also are you licensed for Rest Apps on your box?


Need to get this working. Have paid up for two commercial modules (Endpoint and Rest) and still don’t have the buttons on these D50s working.

Someone else reported this today and explained more in detail what was going on. I still see no bug report at issues.freepbx.org.

For bugs to get fixed we really need users opening bug reports so devs are made aware of the issue. The bug seems to be in UCP not in the actual commercial Rest Apps module but we are looking into it. Please someone open a bug report. My signature has a link to short video on how to open a bug or feature request if you are unsure how to do this.

Hi FreerPBXer,

Sorry for the troubles. Try to download RestAPI and then go to user manager and save (for each user) ALL for the modules for each token

I see this thread was started 4 days ago and not to preach to much but had a bug report been opened it would of been fixed 3-4 days ago. Please everyone help us help you by opening bur reports. Forums are not the place developers look to find bugs and fix them.

Hi Tony-

Sorry for not opening a bug report, but in this case I wasn’t sure it was a bug. I’m new to the RestAPI stuff and it wasn’t at all clear to me that I wasn’t making a config error. In cases like this it’s hard to discern what’s a bug and what’s an ID-Ten-T error.

I’ve upgraded the module, but won’t be back onsite to test for several days.

As with before if you are confident it is a bug and “not just you” the quickest action is to file a bug report so it can get on the developers radar and be triaged for correction. If the devs think it invalid they will close it with an explanation of why.

Remember in bug reports and in forum posts to include as many details as possible.
The goal is to allow us to reproduce the issue locally or to allow us to catch what you may be doing if it is a misstep.

“and that works EXCEPT the person parking the call doesn’t hear what slot announcement.”

They will never hear that unless it’s an attended transfer (*2) This is how Asterisk has worked for the last 3-4 years.